Let´s receive the G20 Summit with a great anti-imperialist struggle

Lunes, 26 Noviembre 2018 19:18

November 30 and December 1 the city of Buenos Aires will be the seat of the G20 presidents’ summit. The G20 was designed as a forum where the imperialist Powers (USA, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy) and the leaders of the former workers’ States (China and Russia) could negotiate economic policies before the crisis of the postwar institutions. After the burst of the world crisis in 2008, it gained more relevance by incorporating the chiefs of state of the 19 member countries plus the European Union (EU) in an attempt to coordinate rescue policies for the rotting capitalist system; such was the case of the policies of monetary quantitative easing and low interest rates launched by the Central Banks of Japan, the EU, the American FED, along with an all along the line attack against the working class and its organizations, worldwide.

Since Trump’s arrival at the American imperialist command, the economic policy of coordination of the imperialist Powers is put under question; while the trade war gets more intense as well as the aggressive policy towards semi colonial countries, like the case of Latin American countries. So, it is expected that Trump and his counterparts in the other imperialist countries use the forum as a platform for their disputes, while the USA disciplines its backyard (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina), with the aid of the IMF. Thus they go ahead with the agenda of reforms against the proletariat, including labor, pensions, education and health reforms all over the globe.

In Argentina, the Buenos Aires Summit will be a rehersal for the government and imperialism to impose the adjustment with repression and iron-hand, diagramming a virtual curfew in the city. This is part of the repressive escalation, that includes the militarization of the Northern border and the deployment of gendarmerie to the slum areas of big cities. A policy that is also being applied in Brazil, with the military command of security in Rio de Janeiro and the militarization of favelas.

The union bureaucracies in our region are overlooking the imperialist offensive, by playing themselves the role of contention, such as the Argentinean CGT, or undergoing a deep crisis due to their historical line of class conciliation, such as the case of the Brazilian CUT, the CUT of Chile and the CTAs in Argentina.

The leaders of the G20 deserve that the working class receives them fighting with the workers’ methods against their attempts to make us pay for their crisis. The working class must lead a great anti-imperialist struggle, in its revolutionary confrontation to capitalism. We must paralyze the imperialist enterprises, to make target in production and prepare self-defense to confront Trump and the regional governments that support his policy. Let’s organize caucus gatherings in workplaces and impose the union bureaucracy shop-stewards congresses with mandate, so that the workers take in our own hands the task of providing a way-out to the crisis, by leading the other oppressed sectors of the people. The students’ movement in the different countries has the task to support the workers’ actions with their energy, acting as a supporting battalion, by organizing assemblies in their study places and actions in the streets.

To definitively expell imperialism from Latin America, we must struggle for the workers’ control in each industry, overcoming national borders, and for the expropriation of imperialist capital, developing thus the struggle for power, that means, for the dictatorship of the proletariat and its international extension in a Federation of Socialist Republics of Latin America. It is mandatory to win over the solidarity of the proletariat in the imperialist countries in this perspective, mainly the American proletariat in the North.

For this, it becomes necessary an international leadership, a world party based on the Transitional Program and the Theory of Permanent Revolution. We advance the proposal to the political currents that vindicate the need of the reconstruction of the IV International and the struggle for the proletarian dictatorship that we encourage the necessary measures to build up and unify the international workers’ vanguard around a revolutionary program. To do so, we call for a Latin American Conference, to begin, initially in our region, with the task of aiding the vanguard in its hard process of forging a revolutionary leadership.



Tendencia Revolucionaria por la Reconstrucción de la Cuarta Internacional

COR (Chile) – LOI (Brasil) – COR (Argentina)

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